Improving educational connection for young people in custody: final report


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The purpose of this study was to examine how education operates for young people in Victoria who have been remanded into custody or who have received custodial sentences. The study aimed to identify how improvements could be made to further support education inside custody. It also investigated how education has the potential to assist young people to imagine positive futures for themselves and bring their plans to fruition.

Excerpt from publication.

Subjects: Youth; Students; Teaching and learning; Providers of education and training; Participation; Outcomes; Communities of practice; Equity

Keywords: Youth at risk; Education and training needs; Learning support; Prisoners; Institutional role; Perception; Value system; Outcomes of education and training; Access to education and training; Partnership in education and training

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania; Victoria

Published: Melbourne, Victoria: Victoria University, 2019

Physical description: 116 p.

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Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 137.352

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