Towards a durable future: tackling labour challenges in the Australian horticulture industry


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The horticulture industry is reliant on workers to pick, pack and grade fresh produce, with the bulk of the seasonal horticulture workforce in Australia drawn from different types of temporary visa holders. However, evidence suggests that the workforce that sustains this industry is poorly regulated and managed. Despite growers attesting to labour shortages, the industry is often accused of non-compliance with labour standards, in particular for migrant workers. This report interrogates both the extent of labour shortages in the horticulture industry for pickers, packers and graders and...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Industry; Labour market; Governance; Sustainability

Keywords: Labour demand; Labour supply; Labour force; Labour shortage; Temporary employment; Employment practice; Working conditions; Conditions of employment; Migrants; Immigration; Regulation; Policy implications

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: Adelaide, South Australia: University of Adelaide, 2019

Physical description: 130 p.

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Resource type: Report, paper or authored book

Document number: TD/TNC 136.237

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