Digital skills toolkit


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Author: Coward, Chris; Fellows, Michelle


Digital skills underpin nearly every aspect of work and life. From filling in a government form to communicating for work, it is difficult to find a job or life-task that does not require a basic level of digital functioning. And with new technologies emerging every day, we need lifelong opportunities to learn new skills that will allow us to succeed in an era of ongoing digital transformation. Digital skills are essential in opening the door to a wide range of opportunities in the 21st century. Countries that implement comprehensive digital skills strategies ensure their populations...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Skills and knowledge; Technology; Providers of education and training; Equity

Keywords: Skill development; Technological change; Skill needs; Strategic planning; Computer literacy; Digital skills

Published: Geneva, Switzerland: International Telecommunication Union, 2018

Physical description: xii, 74 p.

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ISBN: 9789261265113 (paper version); 9789261265212 (electronic version); 9789261265311 (EPUB version); 9789261265410 (Mobi version)

Resource type: Teaching and training material

Document number: TD/TNC 134.709

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