Students in the labour market: beyond the recession


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Author: Saunders, Dylan; Hazel, Myriam


This analysis first provides details on how full-time students have fared in the nine years following the 2008/2009 recession by comparing their participation and employment rates to those of the non-student population in the same age group. It then looks at these trends by age group and gender, and highlights several non-cyclical factors that may have contributed to these developments. The report finds between the academic years of 2007/2008 and 2016/2017 among full-time students, the participation and employment rates decreased more for younger students and male students compared with...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Economics; Outcomes; Students; Employment; Participation; Youth

Keywords: Trend; Economic recession; Outcomes of education and training; Return on education and training; Comparative analysis; Labour force participation

Geographic subjects: Canada; North America

Published: Ottawa, Ontario: Statistics Canada, 2018

Physical description: 12 p.

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ISBN: 9780660270043

Resource type: Paper

Document number: TD/TNC 133.516

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