Key skills for the 21st century: an evidence-based review

In response to rapidly changing technologies, schools are often exhorted to redirect their energies to teaching '21st century skills', but these skills are hardly new. This report investigates the evidence for 21st century skills and how they might be best taught and assessed. Nine skills are common to most 21st century skills frameworks and the report examines the evidence for the transferability of these skills: critical thinking, creativity, metacognition, problem solving, collaboration, motivation, self-efficacy, conscientiousness and perseverance. The evidence is limited for how and where ... Show more

Authors: Lamb, Stephen; Maire, Quentin; Doecke, Esther

Published: Sydney, New South Wales, NSW Department of Education, 2017

Resource type: Government report or paper

Physical description: 70 p. (report) + 5 p. (executive summary)

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