Should I stay or should I go?: career choices of young workers in Latin America

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Labor market institutions shape the return to workers' skills. They define the incentives of firms and workers to invest in general and specific skills, affecting the returns to experience and tenure. This paper presents an empirical assessment of this hypothesis. We take advantage of rich administrative data from Brazil and Chile, two countries with different regulatory frameworks. We focus on young workers as they face to a greater extent the trade-off between accumulating general or specific skills. The analysis is motivated by a simple conceptual framework, from which we derive...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Labour market; Employment; Skills and knowledge; Youth

Keywords: Young worker; Labour mobility; Return on education and training; Human capital; Career choice; Regulation

Geographic subjects: Brazil; Chile; South America

Published: Washington, District of Columbia: Inter-American Development Bank, 2018

Physical description: 39 p.

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Series: IDB working paper series; no. IDB-WP-862

Resource type: Working paper

Call number: TD/TNC 132.206

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