Talkin' 'bout my generation: more educated, but less skilled Canadians


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Author: Mahboubi, Parisa


Canada's working-age population is experiencing a troubling decline in adult skills. Comparing results of international surveys from 2003 and 2012 reveals that literacy and numeracy skills of Canadians, on average, declined during the period, even though more Canadians obtained a post-secondary education. This E-Brief shows that aging and generational differences, such as in education quality and work environment, largely contribute to these declines. Skills erode with age at an accelerated rate, intensifying the negative impact of aging population on average performance. As well, recent...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Skills and knowledge; Demographics; Literacy; Numeracy; Quality; Lifelong learning

Keywords: Age; Skill analysis; Skill needs; Skill development; Recommendations

Geographic subjects: Canada; North America

Published: Toronto, Ontario: C. D. Howe Institute, 2017

Physical description: 13 p.

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Series: e-brief (C. D. Howe Institute); November 14, 2017

Resource type: Paper

Document number: TD/TNC 130.288

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