Literacy practices in the gig economy


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Author: Farrell, Lesley; Corbel, Chris


The Literacy 4.0 Project is examining the workforce literacy needs of the workplaces of the future. Workplaces are said to be in the middle of a 'fourth industrial revolution', following the earlier transformations brought about by steam, electricity and digitisation. The emerging 'smart' factories in Industry 4.0 increasingly rely upon automation augmented by artificial intelligence, the crowdsourcing of tasks, and the use of freelance workers engaged in micro-tasking. Established industry sectors, such as manufacturing in Australia and globally, have been disrupted by these changes,...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Literacy; Employment; Technology; Skills and knowledge

Keywords: Workplace change; Industry restructuring; Job requirements; Skill needs; Employment practice; Gig economy

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: Melbourne, Victoria: Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, 2017

Physical description: 35 p.

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Resource type: Working paper

Document number: TD/TNC 129.250

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