Digital labour markets in the platform economy: mapping the political challenges of crowd work and gig work


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Author: Schmidt, Florian A.


This study takes a closer look at platform-based digital business models and their implications for the economy and for society. While digital platforms have come to play a role in many branches of the economy, the present publication is focussed on the socio-politically most contested ones, namely digital labour platforms. These new platforms are increasingly beset by criticism. Usually they rely on a workforce of independent contractors, who work on their own account and at their own risk, for low wages and without social security. Neither the platform providers nor their clients take...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Technology; Labour market; Economics; Culture and society; Employment; Governance

Keywords: Online system; Contract labour; Conditions of employment; Economic implication; Social cost; Regulation; Employment pattern; Employment status; Work organisation; Labour relations; Gig economy

Published: Bonn, Germany: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 2017

Physical description: 28 p.

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ISBN: 9783958617452

Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 128.665

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