Policy snapshot: Indigenous training and employment


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Author: Windley, Georgina


This policy snapshot provides information and insight into the recent trends in national Indigenous employment and training programs. The snapshot sets the scene for the research reports, 'Indigenous VET participation, completion and outcomes' (Windley 2017) [indexed in VOCEDplus at TD/TNC 127.09] and 'Enhancing training advantage for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners' (Guenther et al. 2017).

Published abstract.

Subjects: Policy; Indigenous people; Employment; Finance; Governance; Demographics; Apprenticeship; Outcomes; Research; Vocational education and training; Participation

Keywords: Training policy; Financial aspects; Government role; Remote; Education and training opportunity; Employers; Outcomes of education and training; Comparative analysis

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: Adelaide, South Australia: NCVER, 2017

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Also called: Indigenous training and employment

The associated infographic is indexed in VOCEDplus at TD/TNC 128.47.
The associated research summary, 'Indigenous participation in VET: understanding the research', is indexed in VOCEDplus at TD/TNC 127.10.
The Forrest review is indexed in VOCEDplus at TD/TNC 117.900.
The associated webinar is indexed in VOCEDplus at TD/TNC 128.45.

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