Migrants' competence recognition systems: controversial links between social inclusion aims and unexpected discrimination effects


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Author: Lodigiani, Rosangela; Sarli, Annavittoria


An adequate incorporation of migrants in the labour market, able to fully unleash their potential, is a major challenge for [European Union] EU development. In this direction, the recognition of migrants skills, knowledge and competence acquired in formal and non/informal contexts represents a crucial issue. Based on a comparative research work conducted at European level, this paper highlights the ambivalence of competence recognition systems which, whilst representing potential means of social inclusion, in certain conditions risk becoming invisible instruments of discrimination....  [+] Show more

Subjects: Migration; Skills and knowledge; Qualifications; Participation; Pathways; Equity

Keywords: European Union; Migrants; Recognition of current competency; Recognition of prior learning; Skill certification; Discrimination; Equal opportunity; Social inclusion; Labour force participation

Geographic subjects: Europe

Published: Linkoping, Sweden: European Society for Research on the Education of Adults, 2017

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Journal volume: 8

Journal number: 1

Journal date: 2017

Pages: pp. 127-144

ISSN: 2000-7426

Resource type: Article

Peer reviewed: Yes

Rights: Copyright 2017 The Authors

Document number: TD/TNC 128.158

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