Everybody's core business: research into the non-technical capabilities needed for successful participation in work or further study

This project set out to conduct research around the non-technical capabilities needed by secondary school graduates to successfully participate in work or further study. There are many terms used to describe non-technical capabilities, such as general capabilities, generic skills or competencies, employability skills, core skills etc. However, for the purposes of this research the term 'non-technical capabilities' has been used and includes both literacy and numeracy skills and other generic skills, knowledge and understandings that are covered by the following four national frameworks: (1) th ... Show more

Authors: Goodwin, Sue; McDonald, Rod; Tarrant, Maria; Wignall, Louise ... [+] Show more

Published: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Department of Education and Training, 2016

Resource type: Government report or paper

Physical description: 48 p. (final report) + 38 p. (literature review)

Access item: https://docs.education.gov.au/node/42221

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