Learning with companies (LeWiCo) through the use of Facebook in the context of vocational hospitality education and digital spa marketing

There is still lack of information on how to best implement social media in project collaboration and tourism marketing education despite the fact that social media offer interesting intercultural learning opportunities and enriching learning environments. This article aims to describe an example of an international, collaborative learning project conducted on Facebook in the context of vocational hospitality education/spa marketing. The aim of the Facebook project was to enhance work-based pedagogy, and to construct flow in learning. The article adopts a case study approach to describe in det ... Show more

Authors: Isacsson, Annica

Published: Helsinki, Finland, Nordyrk, 2016

Resource type: Article

Access item: http://www.nordyrk.org/issues/2016/v6/i1/02/njvet_16v6i1a2.pdf

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