Taking stock of programs to develop socioemotional skills: a systematic review of program evidence

Possessing a range of cognitive, socioemotional, and technical skills is important for individuals to maximize their chances of success in many aspects of life. In particular, a growing body of research highlights the effects that socioemotional skills have on a variety of outcomes, from wages and academic performance to health. Programs to help participants develop such skills continue to expand in both developed and developing countries, targeting individuals of almost all ages and life stages. However, the characteristics that make some programs more successful than others, or even what typ ... Show more

Authors: Sanchez Puerta, Maria Laura; Valerio, Alexandria; Gutierrez Bernal, Marcela

Published: Washington, District of Columbia, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/World Bank, 2016

Resource type: Report, paper or authored book

Physical description: xviii, 179 p.

Access item: http://hdl.handle.net/10986/24737

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