Study in prison reduces recidivism and welfare dependence: a case study from Western Australia 2005-2010


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Author: Giles, Margaret


Much has been written about how correctional education contributes to post-release outcomes for ex-prisoners. In their systematic review of 50 studies of the effectiveness of correctional education, Davis et al. (2013) found that study in prison unequivocally reduces post-release recidivism and, on average, increases post-release employment. Unlike most earlier studies of the impact of correctional education on recidivism and employment, including the primary studies included in the Davis et al. (2013) meta-analysis, this study uses five years of linked prison history, correctional...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Statistics; Disadvantaged; Outcomes; Culture and society

Keywords: Longitudinal data; Prisoners; Outcomes of education and training; Wellbeing; Social change

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania; Western Australia

Published: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory: Australian Institute of Criminology, 2016

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ISSN: 0817-8542, 1836-2206

Resource type: Paper

Peer reviewed: Yes

Document number: TD/TNC 124.521

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