Fostering skills in Cameroon: inclusive workforce development, competitiveness, and growth


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Author: Sosale, Shobhana; Majgaard, Kirsten


This publication notes that Cameroon's goal for its growth and development is to be an emerging economy by 2035. Medium-term goals are focused on alleviating poverty, consolidating democracy, and achieving national unity, while respecting diversity. Human resource development and employment, particularly for young people, are essential in meeting these goals but Cameroon faces three main challenges: (1) developing more robust formal and informal employment opportunities by strengthening human development; (2) increasing productivity in agriculture, mining, and such key value chains as...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Workforce development; Equity; Skills and knowledge; Labour market; Economics; Governance; Policy; Outcomes

Keywords: Social inclusion; Human resource development; Capacity building; Economy; Labour force; Labour demand; Labour supply; Skill needs; Education and training system; Policy implications; Policy formation; Recommendations

Geographic subjects: Cameroon; Africa

Published: Washington, District of Columbia: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/World Bank, 2016

Physical description: xxvi, 185 p.

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ISBN: 9781464807626; 9781464807633 (online)

Resource type: Book

Rights: This work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 IGO license (CC BY 3.0 IGO). To view a copy of the licence visit:

Document number: TD/TNC 124.355

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