Out of pocket: the high cost of inadequate high schools and high school student achievement on college affordability


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Author: Barry, Mary Nguyen; Dannenberg, Michael


Academic under-preparation at the high school level is seen across income groups and reflected in widespread remedial education at a broad cross-section of colleges. It is hurting students' chances for success in college, costing families a sizable amount out of pocket, and making college a poor value proposition for many families. Hundreds of thousands of American families across all income levels are spending billions each year in extra college costs because high schools are graduating too many students unprepared for college. Current discussions around postsecondary remedial education...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Finance; Quality; Providers of education and training; Outcomes; Participation

Keywords: Financial aspects; Cost; Secondary school; Institutional role; Achievement; Transition from secondary to further education and training

Geographic subjects: United States; North America

Published: [Washington, District of Columbia]: Education Reform Now, 2016

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Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 124.659

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