New directions for adult and continuing education, no. 149, Spring 2016


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What do geological tectonic plates and the future of adult education praxis have in common? This volume explores the convergent, divergent, and transforming interaction of multiple forces pressing against adult contemporary education. Adult education must become super-flexible as it is positioned at the nexus of these powerful forces. Presenting multiple perspectives and environments, this volume includes suggestions for: (1) possibilities and requirements for change that will be needed in curriculum, philosophy, programs, and practice; (2) strategies for negotiating the interactive...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Adult and community education; Providers of education and training; Research; Language; Literacy; Teaching and learning; Demographics; Policy

Keywords: Adult education; Adult educators; Case study; Ethnicity

Geographic subjects: United States; North America

Published: San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass, 2016

Physical description: 110 p.

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ISSN: 1052-2891, 1536-0717 (online)

Special issue: Tectonic boundaries: negotiating convergent forces in adult education, guest edited by Carmela R. Nanton

Resource type: Journal issue

Document number: TD/TNC 124.262

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