To grade or not to grade: balancing formative and summative assessment in post-16 teacher trainee observations


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Author: Matthews, Richard; Noyes, Andrew


The issue of whether trainee teachers in the post-16 sector should have their classroom practice graded has been debated for a number of years. The case for training courses retaining an emphasis on written and verbal 'developmental' feedback at the expense of 'judgements' appears to be lost. This article is set within the context of an ever-growing culture of performativity in English further education colleges, where grading is regarded as an essential requirement to ensure high quality teaching. Tensions are explored between stakeholders who call for graded observations of trainees'...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Providers of education and training; Teaching and learning; Assessment; Quality; Higher education; Workforce development

Keywords: Student teachers; Teacher training; Quality assurance; Further education; Professional development

Geographic subjects: England; Great Britain; Europe

Published: Abingdon, England: Taylor and Francis, 2016

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Journal volume: 40

Journal number: 2

Journal date: March 2016

Pages: pp. 247-261

ISSN: 0309-877X, 1469-9486 (online)

Resource type: Article

Peer reviewed: Yes

Document number: TD/TNC 123.1103

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