Can knowledge about the education system increase the social status of vocational education and training?

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Author: Bolli, Thomas; Rageth, Ladina


Due to a lack of appropriate data, little is known about the social status of education tracks or their determinants. Hence, this paper proposes a new approach to measure changes in the social status of education tracks. The authors' basic idea is to exploit the information in observed educational choices. They argue that a change in the probability of choosing an education conditional on cognitive ability reflects a change in the social status of the corresponding education track, ceteris paribus (all other things being equal). Approximating cognitive ability with OECD Programme for...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Vocational education and training; Governance; Students; Research; Participation

Keywords: Perception; Education and training system; International students; Measurement; Decision making

Geographic subjects: Switzerland; Europe

Published: Madrid, Spain: Asociacion de la Economia de la Educacion (AEDE), 2015

Physical description: 42 p.

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Conference number: 24th

Date: 2015

Place: Madrid, Spain

On title page: Preliminary version, 28 March 2015; please do not cite without prior permission

Resource type: Conference

Document number: TD/TNC 123.898

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