Transforming US workforce development policies for the 21st century


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Author: Van Horn, Carl E.; Edwards, Tammy; Greene, Todd


Workers and employers in the United States face new realities and uncertainties that current public policies and programs were not designed to address. The Great Recession and other disruptive forces have altered the environment for workers, job seekers, businesses, educational institutions and government alike. [This book] tackles these issues straight on by presenting new visions for transformative education and workforce development policies and practice. Summary from publisher's website. The chapters are: (1) Introduction / Carl Van Horn, Todd Greene, and Tammy Edwards; (2)...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Employment; Workforce development; Policy; Higher education; Skills and knowledge; Evaluation; Innovation; Gender; Outcomes; Teaching and learning; Disadvantaged

Keywords: Unemployed; Skill development; Program evaluation; Outcomes of education and training; Training program

Geographic subjects: North America; United States

Published: Atlanta, Georgia: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, 2015

Physical description: xiii, 654 p.

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ISBN: 9780692405369

Statement of responsibility: Carl Van Horn, Tammy Edwards, Todd Greene, editors

Resource type: Book

Document number: TD/TNC 121.1281

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