Assessment of prior learning in adult vocational education and training


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Author: Aarkrog, Vibe; Wahlgren, Bjarne


The article deals with the results of a study of school-based assessment of prior learning of adults who have enrolled as students in a [vocational education and training] VET college in order to qualify for occupations as skilled workers. Based on examples of VET teachers' methods for assessing the students' prior learning in the programs for gastronomes [and] child care assistants, the article discusses two issues in relation to assessment of prior learning: the encounter of practical experience and school-based knowledge; and the validity and reliability of the assessment procedures....  [+] Show more

Subjects: Students; Pathways; Assessment; Skills and knowledge; Teaching and learning; Vocational education and training; Research

Keywords: Recognition of prior learning; Recognition of current competency; Competence; Knowledge level; Skill analysis; Experiential learning; Analysis

Published: Bremen, Germany: Institute Technology and Education, University of Bremen, 2015

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Journal volume: 2

Journal number: 1

Journal date: 2015

Pages: pp. 39-58

ISSN: 2197-8646

Resource type: Article

Peer reviewed: Yes

Document number: TD/TNC 121.343

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