NEET youth in the aftermath of the crisis: challenges and policies

This paper presents an overview of the situation of youth in OECD countries since the onset of the financial crisis focusing primarily on describing the characteristics and living conditions of young [not in employment, education or training] NEETs. It also provides data on the availability, coverage and effectiveness of income-support policies for young people, and summarises available evidence on the impact of interventions that aim at improving the social, education and employment situation of the most disadvantaged youth. Due to the paper's explicit focus on the hardest-to-place, most disa ... Show more

Authors: Carcillo, Stephane; Fernandez, Rodrigo; Konigs, Sebastian; Minea, Andreea

Published: Paris, France, OECD, 2015

Resource type: Report, paper or authored book

Physical description: 108 p.

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