Promise and/or peril: MOOCs and open and distance education


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Author: Anderson, Terry


This paper provides an introduction to [massive open online course] MOOCs with a special focus on distance educators and institutions. The paper begins with a short description of the characteristic of the four words included in the MOOC acronym and then tries to show how each contributes to the complexity of this education phenomena. The paper concludes with discussions of MOOC business models and the implications for open and distance education institutions.

Subjects: Technology; Teaching and learning; Higher education; Participation

Keywords: Distance education; Online learning; Delivery system; Open learning

Geographic subjects: United States; North America

Published: [Vancouver, British Columbia]: [Commonwealth of Learning], 2013

Physical description: 9 p.

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Also called: Promise and/or peril: massive open online courses and open and distance education

Resource type: Government report or paper

Document number: TD/TNC 117.1373

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