Web 2.0 applications as alternative environments for informal learning: a critical review

Enthusiastic educational commentators are casting the internet in a new light through the emergence of so-called 'Web 2.0' technologies, which place learners at the centre of online activities and facilitate supposedly new forms of creation, collaboration, and consumption. [Some] educationalists have even heralded a 'Web 2.0 transformation of learning' with 'potentially groundbreaking implications for the field of education' (Thomas 2008). Yet such enthusiasm has been tempered by a more sceptical reaction throughout other sectors of the educational and technology communities.

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Authors: Selwyn, Neil

Published: Paris, France, OECD, 2007

Resource type: Conference paper

Physical description: 10 p.

Access item: https://www1.oecd.org/edu/ceri/39458556.pdf

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