Interview with Kaye Bowman on 'Workforce skills development and engagement in training through skill sets'


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Author: Bowman, Kaye; Davis, Steve


In this interview, Steve Davis talks with co-author Kaye Bowman about the report 'Workforce skills development and engagement in training through skill sets'. Skill sets are a grouping of one or more competencies below the level of a full qualification that meet a client skills need, such as a licensing or compliance requirement or specific knowledge of an emerging area. A point of debate is the role that skills sets play compared to full qualifications which are seen as the foundation of the [vocational education and training] VET system. To throw some light on this issue the authors...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Providers of education and training; Skills and knowledge; Teaching and learning; Vocational education and training; Qualifications; Employment; Workforce development; Policy; Research

Keywords: TAFE; Skill development; Competence; Employees; Registered training organisation; Skill upgrading; Training package; Training policy; Case study; Skill sets

Geographic subjects: Oceania; Australia; New South Wales

Published: Adelaide, South Australia: NCVER, 2012

Physical description: podcast (12 min.)

Related items: TD/TNC 110.15

Resource type: Audiovisual

Document number: TD/TNC 110.433

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