Lost in translation?: skills policy and the shift to skill ecosystems


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Author: Anderson, Pauline; Warhurst, Chris


With government aware that the UK economy has relatively low skill levels compared to other OECD countries, boosting the supply of skills has long dominated UK economic policy. This policy thinking is underpinned and legitimised by reference to economist Howard Becker’s (1964) human capital theory, and has resulted in economic policy in the UK resting on supply-side interventions in the labour market to boost skills. New thinking rejects static notions of equilibria and centres on the concept of ‘skill ecosystems’, which are akin to dynamic living organisms with interconnected parts,...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Policy; Skills and knowledge; Economics; Outcomes

Keywords: Policy formation; Skill needs; Economic factor; Skill development; Relevance of education and training; OECD country

Geographic subjects: Great Britain; Europe

Published: London, England: IPPR, 2012

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Pages: pp. 109-120

Resource type: Book chapter

Document number: TD/TNC 109.1193

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