A fair deal: apprentices and their employers in NSW: integrated research report


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Author: Dickie, Mary; McDonald, Rod; Pedic, Fadil


In 2010, the New South Wales Board of Vocational Education and Training (BVET) commissioned Quay Connection and associates [Ithaca Group, The Research Forum] to undertake a market segmentation study of apprentices and employers of apprentices. The aim was to identify a new perspective on apprenticeship non-completion, one that went beyond the statistics to understand motivations. The research indicates that it is possible to identify groups of apprentices and employers with different levels of risk of apprenticeship non-completion. This means they can be differentiated from those who are...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Apprenticeship; Employment; Participation; Research; Management; Labour market

Keywords: Apprentice; Employer employee relationship; Employers; Completion; Perception; Risk management; Dropout; Student attrition; Working conditions; Work environment; Employment practice; Labour supply; Labour demand; Attitude

Published: Sydney, New South Wales: BVET, 2011

Physical description: 51 p.

Also called: A fair deal: apprentices and their employers in New South Wales: integrated research report

Resource type: Government report or paper

Document number: TD/TNC 106.597

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