A competence perspective on lifelong workplace learning


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An ageing workforce and skilled labour shortage has created the need for workplace learning well beyond middle adulthood. With only a minority of older workers participating in training and development programs, participation rates of older employees need to increase. This book presents a competence perspective that treats workplace learning as a trainable skill, rather than as a cognitive function. Consistent with this view, competence should be accessible to interventions from human resource development professionals. Successful workplace learning across the lifespan depends on...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Demographics; Lifelong learning; Skills and knowledge; Teaching and learning; Workforce development; Employment

Keywords: Ageing workforce; Older worker; Workplace learning; Skill development; Skill needs; Skill shortage

Published: New York, New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2010

Physical description: [vii], 56 p.

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ISBN: 9781616686864

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Document number: TD/TNC 102.326

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