Developing soft skill in Malaysian polytechnics


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Author: Riam, Chau Mai; Simkin, Keith; Cartledge, Damon


This paper describes a study of lecturers’ feedback on the Malaysian polytechnics Industrial Training Soft Skills (ITSS) module. It was conducted using a survey questionnaire, with a 92% response rate (NF) in four polytechnics in the northern region of Malaysia. The majority of respondents were female (65.2%), 62% of them came from engineering backgrounds, and have been involved in teaching soft skills for more than two semesters (82.6%). The soft skills elements studied were mainly based on the eight elements in the ITSS module: decision making, team work, problem solving, learning and...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Providers of education and training; Research; Skills and knowledge; Students; Vocational education and training

Keywords: Generic skills; No Frills Conference; Polytechnic; Research project; Skill development; Soft skills

Geographic subjects: Asia; Malaysia

Published: Adelaide, South Australia: NCVER, 2010

Physical description: 15 p.

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Conference number: 19th

Date: 2010

Place: Perth, Western Australia

Resource type: Conference paper

Document number: TD/TNC 100.981

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