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Author: Rumsey, David John


This practical guide is one of three companion publications on assessment within a competency based training system (see also TD/TNC 38.28 and TD/TNC 38.29). It is designed to enable a wide range of readers to use it for a number of practical purposes in both training institutions and workplaces. It discusses the purpose of assessment, offers advice on how to conduct assessments and provides examples of good practice through practical case studies. It also provides a basic understanding of how to prepare for, conduct and review assessment processes in a competency-based system.

Subjects: Evaluation; Assessment; Vocational education and training

Keywords: Competency based training

Geographic subjects: Oceania; Australia

Published: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory: Australian Government Publishing Service, 1994

Physical description: iv, 48 p.

ISBN: 0644335327

At head of title: Department of Employment, Education and Training

Resource type: Guide

Document number: TD/TNC 38.30

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