Demanding skill: women and technical education in Australia


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Author: Pocock, Barbara


This book looks at the current situation of women in TAFE. It explores women's disadvantages in terms of quality, concentration of narrow range of jobs, small share of resources and difficulty in breaking into male-dominated fields. Re-entry into education as adults is investigated. The contents are: Second-rate citizens; Constructing skill in Australia; Australia's technical education system; Vocational education: women's share, women's place; What's wrong with TAFE colleges?; Women's courses: keyboards, clothes, kids and community care; Resources: margin versus mainstream; Breaking in:...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Disadvantaged; Skills and knowledge; Students; Equity; Employment; Providers of education and training; Teaching and learning; Gender; Governance

Keywords: Skill development; Reentry students; Return to work; Sex discrimination; Employment opportunity; TAFE; Education and training system

Geographic subjects: Oceania; Australia

Published: Sydney, New South Wales: Allen & Unwin, 1988

Physical description: 150 p.

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ISBN: 0043321372

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