Karpin: a critical review


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Author: Worsnop, Percy J.


The author comments in this critical review of the Karpin Report (see TD/TNC 43.53) that it is not only enterprises who must shoulder the task of management development, but also the providers of education and training.

Subjects: Quality; Workforce development; Governance; Management

Keywords: Best practice; Management development; Leadership development; Supervisory development; Education and training reform; Planning of education and training

Geographic subjects: Oceania; Australia

Published: Malvern, Victoria: Australian Education Union, 1995

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Journal title: Australian TAFE teacher

Journal volume: 29

Journal number: 3

Journal date: September 1995

Pages: pp.40-50

ISSN: 0815-3701

Statement of responsibility: Percy Worsnop

Resource type: Article

Document number: TD/TNC 43.51

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