Human capital investment in a transition economy: the rate of return and signalling effects in the Russian labour market

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Author: Clark, Andrew


The transition to a market based economy in Russia has led to the reassessment of the method and direction of education and training. This paper focuses on the reasons why and purpose behind undertaking not only higher education, but also completing specific levels of education. It examines whether, in post-transition Russia, education enhances income streams as a return for increased productivity through personal human capital investment or whether education is simply working as a screening device for potential employers to obtain highly productive workers. Using data drawn from the...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Labour market; Outcomes; Skills and knowledge; Statistics; Finance; Economics; Governance

Keywords: Trend; Future; Human capital; Data analysis; Investment; Transition economy; Education and training reform

Geographic subjects: Europe; Russia

Published: Aberdeen, Scotland: Centre for International Labour Market Studies, Faculty of Management, The Robert Gordon University, 1999

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Date: 11 - 12 October 1999

Place: Aberdeen, Scotland

Resource type: Conference

Document number: TD/INT 59.561

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