Standards-based assessment: a tool and means to the development of human capital and capacity building in education


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Author: Stanley, Gordon; Tognolini, Jim


This paper outlines a model for giving meaning to student achievement by referencing assessment to student learning or standards. This effectively shifts the focus in assessment from notions of rank ordering students (comparing their performance purely to each other) to those of monitoring growth or progress and measurement. More specifically it introduces standards-based assessment: the concept and theory. It considers how such systems operate and provides some possible strategies for implementation. Finally it shows how such systems can significantly impact upon human capital and...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Vocational education and training; Assessment; Workforce development; Providers of education and training; Secondary education; Skills and knowledge

Keywords: Capacity building; Human capital; Secondary school; Competence

Geographic subjects: Oceania; Australia

Published: Camberwell, Victoria: Australian Council for Educational Research, 2007

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Journal volume: 51

Journal number: 2

Journal date: August 2007

Pages: pp.129-145

ISSN: 0004-9441

Statement of responsibility: Jim Tognolini and Gordon Stanley

Resource type: Article

Document number: TD/TNC 92.566

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