Skills training: who benefits?


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Author: Jackson, Nancy S.; Jordan, Steven S.


This paper explores some common political dynamics and conflicting interests underlying the rise of skills training policies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Great Britain. In these countries policy makers have forged an apparent consensus across social groups with diverse and sometime conflicting interests in the structure and purposes of skills training. The resulting reforms have been designed to ensure that control over and benefits from skills training are redirected away from individuals and unions into the hands of private capital. In this framework, skills development is...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Skills and knowledge; Teaching and learning; Policy; Governance

Keywords: Skill development; Pedagogics; Training policy; Education and training system

Geographic subjects: Oceania; North America; Europe; New Zealand; Great Britain; Canada

Published: Leeds, England: School of Continuing Education, University of Leeds, 1999

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Pages: pp.229-243

Date: 10-12 September 1999

Place: Leeds, England

ISBN: 0907644406

Resource type: Conference paper

Document number: TD/TNC 62.725

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