Kangan and research


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Author: Hall, William C.


In this paper the author deals with what the Kangan report (indexed at TD/LMR 85.637) had to say about research and how those statements compare with what actually happened. He does this by: describing the research situation in 1974; discussing the improvements to research effort suggested by Kangan; discussing the Kangan suggestions and recommendations about the research which should be done; and comparing what was said with what actually happened.

The volume from which this chapter is taken is indexed at TD/TNC 39.16.

Subjects: Research; Providers of education and training

Keywords: Research needs; Educational research; TAFE

Geographic subjects: Oceania; Australia

Published: Adelaide, South Australia: NCVER, 1994

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Book title: Kangan: 20 years on.

Pages: pp.157-165

Statement of responsibility: Peter Kearns, William C. Hall (eds.)

Resource type: Book chapter

Document number: TD/TNC 39.55

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