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A Podlet covers more specific and at times more transient sub-topic areas of VET research containing relevant resources and publications only.

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Adult and community education

Adult learning

Adult literacy

Apprenticeship models

Assessment NEW

Australian VET legislation

Best practice

Capacity building

Career guidance

Classification systems

Communities of practice

Competency based training

Continuing education and training

Data collection

Delivery systems


Dual sector

Education and training pathways


Employer role NEW

Entitlement models

Entry into working life

Equivalence of qualifications

Funding models

Future of VET



Globalisation NEW

Government role

Green industry


Industrial relations

Industry restructuring

Industry skills


International education

Labour market

Language literacy and numeracy

Lifelong learning


Non-accredited training

Non-traditional students

Older workers NEW

Online learning

Performance and productivity

Professional development

Qualifications frameworks NEW

Quality assurance

Quality of training and assessment

Recognition of prior learning

Registered training organisations



Return on investment

Second chance education

Self-employment and entrepreneurship

Skill demand

Skill sets

Skilled migration NEW

Social inclusion

Social media

Socioeconomic status

STEM skills

Student choice

Student outcomes

Technological literacy

Tertiary sector

Theory and practice

Training market

Training packages

Transfer models

Transferable skills

VET in schools

Work based learning

Workforce planning

Workplace literacy

Youth at risk