New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Continuing professional development for a diverse VET practitioner workforce Tyler, Mark; Dymock, Darryl 2017 Occasional paper
NCVER's USI Transcript Update Tool: demo and Q&A session Chappell, Rhetta; Waddicor, Airlie; Librandi, Rosa 2017 Audiovisual
The role of mentoring in supporting Apprenticeships Hirst, Andy; Short, Christina; Rinne, Sini 2014 Paper
Learning to escape: prison education, rehabilitation and the potential for transformation Behan, Cormac 2014 Article
Redesigning delivery: boosting adoption of coffee management practices in Uganda: the climate smart investment pathway approach and the farmer segmentation tool Jassogne, Laurence; Mukasa, David; Bukomeko, Hannington; Kemigisha, Elizabeth; Kirungi, Diana; Giller, Onno; Asten, Piet van 2017 Paper
A prisoners' island: teaching Australian incarcerated students in the digital age Hopkins, Susan; Farley, Helen 2014 Article
Symptoms of ADHD are related to education and work experience among incarcerated adults Asbjornsen, Arve; Manger, Terje; Eikeland, Ole-Johan 2015 Article
Randomised controlled trial and process evaluation of Code Clubs Straw, Suzanne; Bamford, Susan; Styles, Ben 2017 Report
Wage subsidy programs: a primer Borland, Jeff 2016 Article
Contractual arrangements and the retirement intentions of women in Australia Taylor, Philip; Earl, Catherine; McLoughlin, Christopher 2016 Article
Jobs of the future Social Market Foundation 2016 Report
Help wanted: projections of jobs and education requirements through 2018 Carnevale, Anthony P.; Smith, Nicole; Strohl, Jeff 2010 Report
Adaptive social media skills trainer for vocational education and training: concept and implementation of a recommender system Di Valentin, Christina; Emrich, Andreas; Lahann, Johannes; Werth, Dirk; Loos, Peter; Bui, Tung X.; Sprague, Ralph H. 2015 Conference
School to work transitions in Europe: choice and constraints Cuconato, Morena 2017 Article
Curriculum reform and supporting structures at schools: challenges for life skills planning for secondary school students in China (with particular reference to Hong Kong) Lee, John Chi-Kin 2017 Article
Aspirations of and realities for Hong Kong students: is the 'formal' transition system effective? Pavlova, Margarita 2017 Article
At a crossroads: higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean Ferreyra, Maria Marta; Avitabile, Ciro; Alvarez, Javier Botero; Paz, Francisco Haimovich; Urzua, Sergio 2017 Book
Doing time and college: an examination of carceral influences on experiences in post-secondary correctional education Runell, Lindsey Livingston 2016 Article
The relationship between prisoners' academic self-efficacy and participation in education, previous convictions, sentence length, and portion of sentence served Roth, Beate Buanes; Asbjornsen, Arve; Manger, Terje 2016 Article
WIL in science: leadership for WIL Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS) 2017 Report