New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Work-family policy trade-offs for mothers?: unpacking the cross-national variation in motherhood earnings penalties Budig, Michelle J.; Misra, Joya; Boeckmann, Irene 2016 Article
Challenges in evaluating the EU's lifelong learning policies Clain, Alexandru 2016 Article
Becoming an educable lifelong learning subject: adult graduates' transitions in education and working life Siivonen, Paivi 2016 Article
Learner motivation for MOOC registration and the role of MOOCs as a university 'taster' Howarth, Jason Paul; D'Alessandro, Steven; Johnson, Lester; White, Lesley 2016 Article
Motivations for participation in higher education: narratives of non-traditional students at Makerere University in Uganda Tumuheki, Peace Buhwamatsiko; Zeelen, Jacques; Openjuru, George L. 2016 Article
Disabled students' experiences of higher education in Sweden, the Czech Republic, and the United States: a comparative institutional analysis Berggren, Ulrika Jarkestig; Rowan, Diana; Bergback, Ewa; Blomberg, Barbro 2016 Article
Literacy for special target groups: indigenous peoples Hanemann, Ulrike 2005 Paper
Literacy in Botswana Hanemann, Ulrike 2005 Paper
Literacy in conflict situations Hanemann, Ulrike 2005 Paper
Nicaragua's literacy campaign Hanemann, Ulrike 2005 Paper
Addressing challenges to literacy and livelihoods Hanemann, Ulrike; Commonwealth of Learning (COL) 2005 Book chapter
Expansion of higher education and inequality of opportunities: a cross-national analysis Liu, Ye; Green, Andy; Pensiero, Nicola 2016 Article
Employability and mobility in the valorisation of higher education qualifications: the experiences and reflections of Chinese students and graduates Mok, Ka Ho; Wen, Zhuoyi; Dale, Roger 2016 Article
Aiming for better employment: a holistic analysis from admission to labour market Chan, Sheng-Ju; Lin, Jing-Wen 2016 Article
Influence of university prestige on graduate wage and job satisfaction: the case of South Korea Jung, Jisun; Lee, Soo Jeung 2016 Article
Work organisation, forms of employee learning and national systems of education and training Lorenz, Edward; Lundvall, Bengt-Ake; Kraemer-Mbula, Erika; Rasmussen, Palle 2016 Article
Factors that promote innovativeness and being an innovative learner at work: results from PIAAC Storen, Liv Anne 2016 Article
Fostering entrepreneurial learning on-the-job: evidence from innovative small and medium-sized companies in Europe Baggen, Yvette; Lans, Thomas; Biemans, Harm; Kampen, Jarl; Mulder, Martin 2016 Article
Adult learning in innovative organisations Olsen, Dorothy Sutherland 2016 Article
Divergence of human capital in cities in the People's Republic of China: exploring complementarities and spatial agglomeration of the workforce with various skills Liang, Wenquan; Lu, Ming 2016 Working paper