New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Brief work-integrated learning opportunities and first-year university students' perceptions of employability and academic performance Harris-Reeves, Brooke; Mahoney, John 2017 Article
How do research-intensive universities portray employability strategies?: a review of their websites Bennett, Dawn; Knight, Elizabeth; Divan, Aysha; Kuchel, Louise; Van Reyk, Davi; Burke da Silva, Karen 2017 Article
Employability and student equity in higher education: the role of university careers services Andrewartha, Lisa; Harvey, Andrew 2017 Article
Mediated authentic video: a flexible tool supporting a developmental approach to teacher education Stutchbury, Kris; Woodward, Clare 2017 Article
Developing graduate employability skills and attributes: curriculum enhancement through work-integrated learning Rowe, Anna; Zegwaard, Karsten E. 2017 Article
The impact of work-integrated learning experiences on attaining graduate attributes for exercise and sports science students Hall, Melinda; Pascoe, Deborah; Charity, Megan 2017 Article
Senior managers' and recent graduates' perceptions of employability skills for health services management Messum, Diana; Wilkes, Lesly; Peters, Cath; Jackson, Debra 2017 Article
Combining quality work-integrated learning and career development learning through the use of the SOAR model to enhance employability Reddan, Gregory; Rauchle, Maja 2017 Article
Using the student lifecycle approach to enhance employability: an example from Criminology and Criminal Justice Bates, Lyndel; Hayes, Hennessey 2017 Article
Practical typology of authentic work-integrated learning activities and assessments Kaider, Friederika; Hains-Wesson, Rachael; Young, Karen 2017 Article
Applying a conceptual model in sport sector work-integrated learning contexts Agnew, Deborah; Pill, Shane; Orrell, Janice 2017 Article
Challenges implementing work-integrated learning in human resource management university courses Rook, Laura 2017 Article
What contributes to vocational excellence?: a study of the characteristics of WorldSkills UK participants for WorldSkills Sao Paulo 2015 Nokelainen, Petri; Stasz, Cathleen 2016 Report
What contributes to vocational excellence?: characteristics and experiences of competitors and experts in WorldSkills London 2011 Nokelainen, Petri; Smith, Helen; Rahimi, Mohammad Ali; Stasz, Cathleen; James, Susan 2012 Report
Project Lumana'i: a summary of research to inform design and delivery of career resources for Pasifika Careers New Zealand 2016 Report
Successful outcomes for regional and remote students in Australian higher education: issues, challenges, opportunities and recommendations from research funded by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education Farnhill, Paul; Thomas, Nina 2017 Report
Of cultural dissonance: the UK's adult literacy policies and the creation of democratic learning spaces Ade-Ojo, Gordon O.; Duckworth, Vicky 2017 Article
(In)validation and (mis)recognition in higher education: the experiences of students from refugee backgrounds Mangan, Doireann; Winter, Laura Anne 2017 Article
Start and Improve Your Business: global tracer study 2011: ILO's business management training programme van Lieshout, Susanne; Sievers, Merten; Aliyev, Mirza 2012 Report
Rapid market assessment of key sectors for women and youth in Zimbabwe: apiculture, artisanal mining, mopane worms, horticulture Tichar, Thomas; Chitate, Simangaliso; Tshabangu, Lynnette 2017 Report