New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Exploring the role of accreditation in supporting transfer and student mobility Felder, Pamela Petrease; Arleth, Megan T. 2016 Article
Young and female - a double strike?: gender analysis of school-to-work transition surveys in 32 developing economies Elder, Sara; Kring, Sriani 2016 Report
Do working conditions in young people's first jobs affect their employment trajectories?: the case of Peru Cavero, Denice; Ruiz, Claudia 2016 Report
The integration of migrants and its effects on the labour market Eichhorst, Werner; Giulietti, Corrado; Guzi, Martin; Kendzia, Michael J.; Monti, Paola; Frattini, Tommaso; Nowotny, Klaus; Huber, Peter; Vandeweghe, Barbara 2011 Report
Migrant women's integration in the labour market in six European cities: a comparative approach European Network of Migrant Women (Organisation); European Women's Lobby (Organisation) 2012 Report
Estimating participation responses using transfer program reform Bastani, Spencer; Moberg, Ylva; Selin, Hakan 2016 Working paper
The effect of choice options in training curricula on the supply and demand for apprenticeships Jansen, Anika; Grip, Andries de; Kriechel, Ben 2016 Discussion paper
When does HRM 'work' in small British enterprises? White, Michael; Bryson, Alex 2016 Discussion paper
When do gender wage differences emerge?: a study of Azerbaijan's labor market Pastore, Francesco; Sattar, Sarosh; Sinha, Nistha; Tiongson, Erwin R. 2016 Discussion paper
Achieving skill mobility in the ASEAN economic community: challenges, opportunities, and policy implications Papademetriou, Demetrios G.; Sugiyarto, Guntur; Mendoza, Dovelyn Rannveig; Salant, Brian 2016 Report
Women in business and management: gaining momentum in the Middle East and North Africa: regional report ILO Regional Office for Arab States 2016 Report
Labour market entry in Tunisia: the gender gap Mansuy, Michele; Werquin, Patrick 2015 Report
Female labor force participation in Asia: Indonesia country study Schaner, Simone; Das, Smita 2016 Working paper
Cognitive and non-cognitive skills for the Peruvian labor market: addressing measurement error through latent skills estimations Cunningham, Wendy; Torrado, Monica Parra; Sarzosa, Miguel 2016 Working paper
Out of school and out of work: a diagnostic of ninis in Latin America Hoyos, Rafael de; Popova, Anna; Rogers, Halsey 2016 Working paper
Mission Australia youth survey report 2015 Mission Australia (Organisation) 2015 Report
Past, present and future of mature age labour force participation in Australia: how do regions differ? Temple, Jeromey 2014 Report
Working beyond 65 - what's realistic?: the influence of health on longer working lives Schofield, Deborah; Callander, Emily J.; Kelly, Simon; Shrestha, Rupendra N. 2014 Report
Developing college and career readiness through the Man Up! Men's Leadership Summit Besnoy, Kevin; Clayton-Code, Kimberly; Whitman, Mary 2012 Article
An exploratory study of skills shortages within the oil and gas industry in Scotland Camps, Nuria 2015 Article