New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Bangladesh: systems, curricula, and transition pathways Haolader, Faruque A.; Foysol, Khan Md; Clement, Che Kum; Pilz, Matthias 2017 Book chapter
KOMET-based professional competence assessments for vocational education and training (VET) teachers in China Zhao, Zhiqun; Zhang, Zhixin; Rauner, Felix; Pilz, Matthias 2017 Book chapter
What does it mean to be vocational teachers in China: results from a survey among Chinese vocational teachers Li, Jun; Pilz, Matthias 2017 Book chapter
Youth employment and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in China Tang, Ni; Shi, Weiping; Pilz, Matthias 2017 Book chapter
Exploitation or opportunity?: student perceptions of internships in enhancing employability skills O'Connor, Henrietta; Bodicoat, Maxine 2017 Article
(Re)constructing rurality through skilled trades training Power, Nicole Gerarda 2017 Article
Understanding career pathways in agriculture: theorising the farmhand career Moffatt, Jennifer 2016 Article
The complex relationship between emotions, approaches to learning, study success and study progress during the transition to university Postareff, Liisa; Mattsson, Markus; Lindblom-Ylanne, Sari; Hailikari, Telle 2017 Article
Insights on supporting learning during computing science and engineering students' transition to university: a design-oriented, mixed methods exploration of instructor and student perspectives Guloy, Sheryl; Salimi, Farimah; Cukierman, Diana; Thompson, Donna McGee 2017 Article
The growth trend in learning strategies during the transition from secondary to higher education in Flanders Coertjens, Liesje; Donche, Vincent; De Maeyer, Sven; Daal, Tine van; Petegem, Peter van 2017 Article
(Latent) transitions to learning at university: a latent profile transition analysis of first-year Japanese students Fryer, Luke K. 2017 Article
From further to higher education: transition as an on-going process Tett, Lyn; Cree, Viviene E.; Christie, Hazel 2017 Article
Entering university studies: identifying enabling factors for a successful transition from school to university McGhie, V. 2017 Article
Making sense of curriculum: the transition into science and engineering university programmes Ulriksen, Lars; Holmegaard, Henriette Tolstrup; Madsen, Lene Moller 2017 Article
The crucial first year: a longitudinal study of students' motivational development at a Swiss Business School Brahm, Taiga; Jenert, Tobias; Wagner, Dietrich 2017 Article
State workforce and economic development: opportunities for collaboration Eyster, Lauren; Briggs, Amanda 2016 Working paper
The determinants of international demand for UK higher education Conlon, Gavan; Ladher, Rohit; Halterbeck, Maike 2017 Report
The determinants of international demand for UK higher education: final report for the Higher Education Policy Institute and Kaplan International Pathways Conlon, Gavan; Ladher, Rohit; Halterbeck, Maike 2017 Report
The development of a work integrated learning model for the Interior Design qualification Cilliers, Rita; Smit, Pieter 2015 Article
Greening TVET in Viet Nam: sustainable development, green economy and the role of greening TVET Mertineit, Klaus-Dieter; Huyen, Dang Thi 2016 Report