New Titles

Title Author Date Type
National Careers Service: Satisfaction and Progression surveys: annual report (April 2012-March 2013 fieldwork) Great Britain. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) 2013 Paper
National Careers Service customer satisfaction and progression annual report (April 2014-April 2015 fieldwork) Great Britain. Skills Funding Agency 2016 Report
Intuition as crucial component of professional competence: its relevance for competence-based vocational and professional education and training Harteis, Christian; Mulder, Martin 2016 Book chapter
Prospective demand for and supply of skilled labour 1980-1983, with particular reference to major development projects Departments of Labour Advisory Committee (Australia) (DOLAC) 1980 Report
Illustrators of Australia: book six Illustrators Association of Australia 1996 Book
Labour market uncertainty and career perspectives: competence in entrepreneurship courses Toutain, Olivier; Fayolle, Alain; Mulder, Martin 2016 Book chapter
Becoming globally competent through student mobility Popov, Vitaliy; Brinkman, Dine; Oudenhoven, Jan Pieter van; Mulder, Martin 2016 Book chapter
Social competence research: a review Seeber, Susan; Wittmann, Eveline; Mulder, Martin 2016 Book chapter
Computational thinking as an emerging competence domain Yadav, Aman; Good, Jon; Voogt, Joke; Fisser, P.; Mulder, Martin 2016 Book chapter
Setting the standards: the assessment of competence in national qualifications Peddie, Roger; Tuck, Bryan 1995 Book
Using community benefit agreements to support career and technical education Marcello, David A. 2016 Report
The effect of Linked Learning certified pathways on selected student outcomes Fitzgerald, Robert; Ottem, Randolph; Hufford, Justine 2016 Report
New variables for vocational secondary schooling: patterns around the world from 1950-2010 Cathles, Alison 2016 Working paper
International education, the formation of capital and graduate employment: Chinese accounting graduates' experiences of the Australian labour market Blackmore, Jill; Gribble, Cate; Rahimi, Mark 2017 Article
Hearing the voice of remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander training stakeholders using research methodologies and theoretical frames of reference Guenther, John; Osborne, Sam; Arnott, Allan; McRae-Williams, Eva 2017 Article
Supporting inclusive practicum experiences for international students across the social sciences: building industry capacity Felton, Kathleen; Harrison, Gai 2017 Article
Understanding the graphical challenges faced by vision-impaired students in Australian universities Butler, Matthew; Holloway, Leona; Marriott, Kim; Goncu, Cagatay 2017 Article
Wages, government payments and other income of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians Howlett, Monica; Gray, Matthew; Hunter, Boyd 2016 Article
The association between Indigenous Australians' labour force participation rates and access to transport Birch, Elisa; Marshall, David 2016 Article
Is modern technology responsible for jobless recoveries? Graetz, Georg; Michaels, Guy 2017 Discussion paper