New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Skills and entrepreneurship: are return migrants 'jacks-of-all-trades'? Mahe, Clotilde 2016 Working paper
Skills for a modern Ukraine Del Carpio, Ximena V.; Kupets, Olga; Muller, Noel; Olefir, Anna 2017 Book
Expanding job opportunities in Ghana Honorati, Maddalena; Silva, Sara Johansson de 2016 Book
Not just more, but better: fostering quality of employment for women Datta, Namita; Kotikula, Aphichoke (Andy) 2017 Working paper
Immigrant businesses in knowledge-based industries Picot, Garnett; Ostrovsky, Yuri 2017 Paper
Everybody's core business: research into the non-technical capabilities needed for successful participation in work or further study Goodwin, Sue; McDonald, Rod; Tarrant, Maria; Wignall, Louise; Roberts, Anita; Fyffe, Jacqui; Tape, Sue; Thomas, Amanda; Skippington, Peter 2016 Report
Growing markets through business training for female entrepreneurs: a market-level randomized experiment in Kenya McKenzie, David; Puerto, Susana 2017 Working paper
The returns to mature-age education in Australia Perales, Francisco; Chesters, Jenny 2017 Working paper
Career guidance, school experiences and the university participation of young people from equity groups Tomaszewski, Wojtek; Perales, Francisco; Xiang, Ning 2016 Working paper
Analysis of the return on investment and economic impact of education: demonstrating the value of Canada's colleges and institutes EMSI (Firm) 2016 Report
New models of tertiary education [final report] New Zealand Productivity Commission 2017 Report
The impact of Pell Grant eligibility on community college students' financial aid packages, labor supply, and academic outcomes Park, Rina Seung Eun; Scott-Clayton, Judith 2017 Working paper
ICT application in vocational and technical education and training (VTET) institutions in Malaysia Saud, Muhammad Sukri; Rajuddin, Muhammad Rashid; Ismail, Sarimah; Nordin, Mohd Safarin; Minghat, Asnul Dahar; Mohd Amin, Nor Fadila; Hamid, Mohd Zolkifli Abdul; Arsat, Mahyuddin 2010 Article
Quick clean energy jobs for Victoria Clean Energy Council (Australia) 2014 Paper
Negotiating learning: women, the everyday and VET Daniels, Jeannie 2008 Thesis
Green skills for sustainable economic growth: the role of Canadian colleges and institutes in advancing education for sustainability in Canada and overseas Knibb, Helen 2016 Report
The Fourth Industrial Revolution: proceedings of a workshop: in brief Frueh, Sara J. 2017 Conference
Solving Australia's rural medical workforce shortage McGrail, Matthew; O'Sullivan, Belinda; Russell, Deborah J.; Scott, Anthony 2017 Paper
The structure of the wage gap for temporary workers: evidence from Australian panel data Lass, Inga; Wooden, Mark 2017 Working paper
Attitudes toward women's work and family roles in the United States, 1976-2013 Donnelly, Kristin; Twenge, Jean M.; Clark, Malissa A.; Shaikh, Samia K.; Beiler-May, Angela; Carter, Nathan T. 2016 Article