New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Social agenda, no. 42, 10/2015: a pathway back to work European Commission. Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion 2015 Journal issue
Australian National Training Authority National Conference, Brisbane, 23-26 August 1998: creating our future: a new training culture for Australia: selected speeches Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) 1998 Conference
Manpower movements for jobs across borders and national government responses: global trends Abella, Manolo 2013 Conference
Analysis on manpower forecasting of new and renewable energy industry in Korea Lee, Nam-Chul 2012 Conference
The best of Training journal: key articles 1995-1999 [2000?] Journal issue
The human capital report 2015 World Economic Forum; Mercer (Firm) 2015 Report
Student Satisfaction Survey 2014: WA state report Patterson Research Group (Australia) 2015 Report
Measuring learning in Australia: a framework for education and training statistics Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2003 Paper
Current situation, limitations and future outlook in three West African countries (Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana) Azoh, Francois-Joseph; Weyer, Frederique; Carton, Michel 2012 Conference
Applying information and research: good practices from 2003 Perry, Wendy 2004 Paper
Working and learning of the aged in South Korea Chung, Jisun 2014 Conference
Performance patterns for teachers implementing career guidance and counseling in Korean secondary public schools Jeong, Yun-Kyeong 2014 Conference
Trends and issues in secondary vocational education and training in the United States Rojewski, Jay W. 2014 Conference
Developing apprenticeship: European perspectives Descy, Pascaline; Barabasch, Antje 2014 Conference
Sustaining diverse ecosystems with the strong government presence in higher education: Korean perspectives Park, Young-Bum 2013 Conference
Qualifications frameworks in Europe: supporting transparency, mobility and lifelong learning Grm, Slava Pevec; Bjornavold, Jens 2013 Conference
Effectiveness of quality management system in CoTs Abeyvance, A. D. U. 2013 Report
Impact revealed: learner outcomes in open online courses Koller, Daphne; Eriksson, Nicholas; Zhenghao, Chen; Alcorn, Brandon; Emanuel, Ezekiel J.; Christensen, Gayle 2015 Report
Employment of older people in England: 2012-13 Chandler, Daniel; Tetlow, Gemma 2014 Paper
Research on employment and labour measures in the post-Great East Japan Earthquake recovery process ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific 2015 Report