New Titles in VOCEDplus

Title Author Date Type
16- to 18-year-old participation in education and training Morse, Amyas 2014 Report
National guidelines for implementing e-portfolios in VET O'Neill, Owen; Miller, Allison; Gladman, Kristena; Lapham, Bronwyn 2013 Guide
TVET stigmatization in developing countries: reality or fallacy? Essel, Osuanyi Quaicoo; Agyarkoh, Eric; Mohammed, Sumaila; Yankson, Patrique DeGraft 2014 Article
Discipline-based teaching and identity expansion: teacher education and the tertiary vocational educator in New Zealand Maurice-Takerei, Lisa; Anderson, Helen 2013 Article
Quality assessments: practice and perspectives [news from NCVER] Misko, Josie 2014 Article
Medical career path decision making: a rapid review Scott, Anthony; Joyce, Catherine M.; Cheng, Terence Chai; Wang, Wei 2013 Report
We are the products of our experiences: the role higher education plays in prison Shoemaker, Robert; Willis, Brandon; Bryant, Angela 2014 Article
Functional specifications for VET e-portfolio implementers and developers O'Neill, Owen; Gladman, Kristena; Lapham, Bronwyn; Price, Dan 2013 Guide
Meeting report: Fostering Capacity Building in TVET and Skills Development in Afghanistan, 12-16 March 2012, Bonn, Germany United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. International Project on Technical and Vocational Education (UNEVOC) 2012 Report
Nailing down an identity: the voices of six carpentry educators Maurice-Takerei, Lisa; Jesson, Joce 2010 Article
Does worker wellbeing affect workplace performance? Bryson, Alex; Forth, John; Stokes, Lucy 2014 Report
No higher priority: Aboriginal post-secondary education in Canada Canada. Parliament. House of Commons. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development 2007 Report
Women's under-representation in educational administration: revisiting two solutions Ehrich, Lisa 1998 Article
Access to post-secondary education: does class still matter? Rounce, Andrea 2004 Paper
Post-secondary education: accessibility and affordability review McCall, Warren 2007 Report
Conflictual independence, adult attachment orientation, and career indecision among Asian American students Keller, Chad J.; Brown, Chris 2014 Article
Returning to high school in Ontario: adult students, postsecondary plans and program supports Pinsent-Johnson, Christine; Howell, Shannon; King, Rebekka 2013 Report
The benefits to taxpayers from increases in students' educational attainment Carroll, Stephen J.; Erkut, Emre 2009 Book
Social mobility through higher education: bridging the gaps: current issues and focus for 2011/12 Bridge Group (UK) 2011 Paper
Educating students for the labour market: Yorke and Mid-North region Neville, Ivan [2011?] Paper