New Titles in VOCEDplus

Title Author Date Type
How can migrants' skills be put to use? Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2014 Paper
The impact and reach of MOOCs: a developing countries' perspective Liyanagunawardena, Tharindu; Williams, Shirley; Adams, Andrew 2013 Article
Mental health and work: achieving well-integrated policies and service delivery Arends, Iris; Baer, Niklas; Miranda, Veerle; Prinz, Christopher; Singh, Shruti 2014 Working paper
Enhancing school-based careers work for Years 7-9 Chadderton, Charlotte; Edmonds, Casey 2014 Report
Understanding the MOOC trend: the adoption and impact of massive open online courses Attis, David; Koproske, Colin; Miller, Chris 2012 Paper
Education indicators in Canada: an international perspective 2014 Statistics Canada. Tourism and the Centre for Education Statistics Division; Council of Ministers of Education (Canada) (CMEC) 2014 Statistical resource
What makes them leave and where do they go?: non-completion and institutional departures in STEM Ulriksen, Lars; Madsen, Lene Moller; Holmegaard, Henriette Tolstrup 2015 Book chapter
Higher education in Scandinavia Nielsen, Jorgen Lerche; Andreasen, Lars Birch [2014] Book chapter
Needs-based mentoring: a dynamic approach to engaging students from refugee backgrounds Ephraums, Robert; Khan, Hina 2013 Conference
Parental expectations relating to children's higher education in urban China: cultural capital and social class Sheng, Xiaoming 2014 Article
Skill mastery and the formation of graduate identity in bachelor graduates: evidence from Australia Jackson, Denise 2014 Article
Exploring the training needs of older workers in the foodservice industry Ravichandran, Swathi; Cichy, Kelly E.; Powers, Monica; Kirby, Kara 2015 Article
The increasing unemployment gap between the low and high educated in West Germany: structural or cyclical crowding-out? Klein, Markus 2014 Article
Can 'new welfare' address poverty through more and better jobs? Taylor-Gooby, Peter; Gumy, Julia M.; Otto, Adeline 2015 Article
The women in IT scorecard 2014 E-skills UK (Firm); BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT 2014 Report
Avoiding the same old mistakes: lessons for reform of 14-19 education in England Evans, Louise 2014 Paper
I want to be a scientist/a teacher: students' perceptions of career decision-making in gender-typed, non-traditional areas of work Buschor, Christine Bieri; Kappler, Christa; Frei, Andrea Keck; Berweger, Simone 2014 Article
We can work it out: Australia's changing workforce Tanton, Robert; Phillips, Ben; Corliss, Michael; Vidyattama, Yogi; Hansnata, Erick 2014 Report
Reinterpreting higher education quality in response to policies of mass education: the Australian experience Pitman, Tim 2014 Article
Measuring the impact of innovative human capital on small firms’ propensity to innovate McGuirk, Helen; Lenihan, Helena; Hart, Mark 2014 Article