New Titles in VOCEDplus

Title Author Date Type
Innovations in Tertiary Education Delivery Summit: summary of proceedings New Zealand. Ministry of Education (MOE) 2014 Conference
Reform of the ESOS framework: discussion paper Australia. Department of Education 2014 Discussion paper
VET e-standards for training: recommendations for 2014 Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG) 2014 Guide
Career Trek: research on the impact of a Manitoba career exploration intervention Sutherland, Dawn; Levine, Kathy A.; Carter, Marilyn; Cole, Darrell 2008 Report
Guiding principles for career development services and career information products Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) 2007 Guide
Do higher education institutions make a difference in competence development?: a model of competence production at university Velasco, Manuel Salas 2014 Article
Labor market and globalization: a comparison of the Latin American and the East Asian experiences in the 1980s and 1990s Bruno, Randolph Luca 2010 Paper
Civil construction training on the rise National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) 2014 Article
Assessing at the borderline: judging a vocationally related portfolio holistically Johnson, Martin 2008 Article
Australian National Training Authority review of the national industry advisory arrangements: recognised bodies PricewaterhouseCoopers (Firm) 2000 Report
The impact of within country heterogeneity in vocational specificity on initial job matches and job status Vogtenhuber, Stefan 2014 Article
Commonwealth controls over Australian schools, TAFEs and universities via tied funding: time for Constitutional reform? Jackson, Jim 2008 Article
The problem of Aboriginal marginalisation: education, labour markets and social and emotional well-being Campbell, Perri; Kelly, Peter; Harrison, Lyn 2012 Working paper
High-school dropouts and transitory labor market shocks: the case of the Spanish housing boom Aparicio, Ainhoa 2010 Discussion paper
The urgency of postsecondary education for Aboriginal peoples Preston, Jane P. 2008 Article
College access, initial college choice and degree completion Goodman, Joshua; Hurwitz, Michael; Smith, Jonathan 2014 Working paper
Postretirement career planning: testing a model based on social cognitive career theory Woehrmann, Anne M.; Deller, Juergen; Wang, Mo 2014 Article
Work 2.0: helping the hardest to help: targeted assistance, incentives and the Work Programme Holmes, Ed 2014 Report
Disability and the Great Recession: the labor market impacts of the economic recession on persons with disabilities Fogg, Neeta P.; Harrington, Paul E. 2010 Paper
Access to post-secondary education in Canada among first and second generation Canadian immigrants: raw differences and some of the underlying factors Finnie, Ross; Mueller, Richard E. 2008 Paper