New Titles in VOCEDplus

Title Author Date Type
MOOCs and VET: working report Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG) 2013 Report
Transition to permanent residence: jobs outcomes of work permit holders Allen, Kim 2010 Report
IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (IMS LTI) investigation research report O'Neill, Owen 2013 Report
College access and retention of career and technical education graduates Harrington, Paul E.; Fogg, Neeta P.; Shaw, Christine [2009] Paper
Unemployment problems among college-educated immigrants in the United States Fogg, Neeta P.; Harrington, Paul E. 2012 Report
Training Futures: a case study of a nonprofit-community college partnership Helmer, Matt; Blair, Amy 2012 Report
Key informants' views of higher education in Scotland Riddell, Sheila 2014 Working paper
Pilbara workforce development plan 2013-2016 Pilbara Workforce Development Alliance; Western Australia. Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) 2013 Report
Helping adult learners navigate community college and the labor market Helmer, Matt 2013 Report
Sector initiatives and community colleges: working together to provide education for low-wage working adults Blair, Amy; Bransberger, Peace; Conway, Maureen 2007 Report
Skills or jobs?: a diagnostic of youth employment challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa Fox, Louise 2014 Conference
Labor market underutilization problems among college-educated immigrants in the United States Fogg, Neeta P.; Harrington, Paul E. 2013 Report
Labour market outcomes in the Roma population of Spain Aisa, Rosa; Larramona, Gemma 2014 Paper
I'm not supposed to be here: the unsettling transition to higher education Harris, Martin 2014 Conference
Making the transition: interim results of the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe evaluation Millenky, Megan; Bloom, Dan; Dillon, Colleen 2010 Report
Job training that works: findings from the Sectoral Employment Impact Study Maguire, Sheila; Freely, Joshua; Clymer, Carol; Conway, Maureen 2009 Paper
Building an integration system: policies to support immigrants' progression in the Czech labor market Drbohlav, Dusan; Valenta, Ondrej 2014 Report
Scaling business development services through distance learning: a case study of WESST Thetford, Tamra; Edgcomb, Elaine 2013 Paper
Keeping up to date: continuing professional development for health workers in developing countries Giri, Kamlesh; Frankel, Nina; Tulenko, Kate; Puckett, Amanda; Bailey, Rebecca; Ross, Heather 2012 Paper
Open and distance education systems: do they enhance graduates' soft skills?: the results from 2009 Universitas Terbuka tracer study Ratnaningsih, Dewi Juliah 2013 Article