New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Getting skills right: Chile Quintini, Glenda; Granados, Paulina; Ibacache, Javiera 2018 Report
Investing in youth: Norway Hyee, Raphaela; Konigs, Sebastian 2018 Report
Game changing technologies: exploring the impact on production processes and work Fernandez-Macias, Enrique; Hurley, John; Peruffo, Eleonora; Storrie, Donald; Packalen, Elisabeth 2018 Report
Discrimination against men at work: experiences in five countries Fric, Karel; Galli da Bino, Camilla 2018 Report
'If it's already tough, imagine for me...': a qualitative perspective on youth out of school and out of work in Brazil Machado, Ana Luiza; Muller, Miriam 2018 Working paper
Employment structure and returns to skill in Vietnam: estimates using the Labor Force Survey Demombynes, Gabriel; Testaverde, Mauro 2018 Working paper
Asymmetric information on noncognitive skills in the Indian labor market: an experiment in online job portal Yamauchi, Futoshi; Nomura, Shinsaku; Imaizumi, Saori; Areias, Ana Carolina; Chowdhury, Afra 2018 Working paper
Does workfare work well?: the case of the Employment Generation Program for the Poorest in Bangladesh Cho, Yoonyoung; Ruthbah, Ummul 2018 Working paper
Returns to investment in education: a decennial review of the global literature Psacharopoulos, George; Patrinos, Harry Anthony 2018 Working paper
Implications of differences in employment estimates by industry between ABS Labour Force Survey and ABS Business-survey data Connolly, Greg; Medina, Jorge; O'Regan, Carmel 2018 Discussion paper
Welfare and recidivism outcomes of in-prison education and training Giles, Margaret; Whale, Jacqui 2016 Report
Self-employment and poverty in developing countries Fields, Gary S. 2014 Article
Asian development outlook 2018: how technology affects jobs Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2018 Report
Good practices in using partnerships for effective and efficient delivery of employment services in India Abraham, Vinoj; Sasikumar, S. K. 2018 Working paper
Good practices in using partnerships for the delivery of employment services in China Avila, Zulum; Tian, Guangzhe 2018 Working paper
Evaluation of Jobcentre Plus Support for Schools programme: national roll-out evaluation Kantar Public (Firm) 2018 Report
The economic contribution of the Australian maritime industry PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia (PwC) 2015 Report
A new partnership for the aviation industry The Australian Aviation Associations Forum (TAAAF) 2016 Report
Aviation Safety Regulation Review [2013-2017] Australian Government 2013-2017 Report
Relations between immigration and adult skills: findings based on PIAAC Lind, Patrik; Mellander, Erik 2016 Working paper