New Titles in VOCEDplus

Title Author Date Type
Qualifications at level 5: progressing in a career or to higher education European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) 2014 Working paper
Facilitating the learning journey from vocational education and training to higher education Catterall, Janice; Davis, Janelle; Yang, Dai Fei 2014 Article
Professionalising adult educators in Singapore: what practitioners make of it Brown, Andrew; Karmel, Annie; Ye, Rebecca 2012 Report
Globalising skills: implications for Singapore Sung, Johnny 2012 Book
Developing occupational programs: a case study of community colleges Doyle, Duane E. 2012 Article
Identity and learning for freelance adult educators in Singapore Karmel, Annie; Bound, Helen; Rushbrook, Peter 2013 Report
'Can't be what you can't see': the transition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into higher education: final report 2014 Kinnane, Stephen; Wilks, Judith; Wilson, Katie; Hughes, Terri; Thomas, Sue 2014 Report
The effects of occupational knowledge: job information centers, educational choices, and labor market outcomes Saniter, Nils; Siedler, Thomas 2014 Discussion paper
The employment of skilled migrants on temporary 457 visas in Australia: emerging issues Bahn, Susanne; Barratt-Pugh, Llandis; Yap, Ghialy 2013 Article
Student professional development: competency-based learning and assessment Baughman, Jacqulyn A.; Brumm, Thomas J.; Mickelson, Steven K. 2012 Article
The entrepreneurial self: becoming a freelancer in Singapore's film and television industry Bound, Helen; Rushbrook, Peter; Waite, Edmund; Evans, Karen; Lin, Magdalene; Karmel, Annie; Nur, Sahara; Sivalingam, Mahaletchumi; Seng, Abigail 2013 Report
'Can't be what you can't see': the transition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into higher education: literature review 2014 Wilks, Judith; Wilson, Katie 2014 Report
Feeling the threat: stereotype threat as a contextual barrier to women's science career choice intentions Deemer, Eric D.; Thoman, Dustin B.; Chase, Justin P.; Smith, Jessi L. 2014 Article
Using communities of practice to enhance interdisciplinary teaching: lessons from four Australian institutions Pharo, Emma; Davison, Emma; McGregor, Helen; Warr, Kristin; Brown, Paul 2014 Article
Re-inventing pathways for youth transitions to the world of work in Asia and the Pacific Region Majumdar, Shyamal 2011 Working paper
The impact of developmental education on community college persistence and vertical transfer Crisp, Gloria; Delgado, Chryssa 2014 Article
A matter of degree: the continuing training gap for women in Europe Wozny, Caroline; Schneider, Martin R. 2014 Article
Student voice in 'skills for sustainability': a missing component from the demand side of Australian vocational education and training Brown, Mike; Sack, Fabian; Rodd, Chelsea Piper 2013 Article
Employer strategies for responding to an aging workforce Tishman, Francine M.; Van Looy, Sara; Bruyere, Susanne M. 2012 Report
What is happening to America's less-skilled workers?: the importance of education and training in today's economy Greenstone, Michael; Looney, Adam 2011 Paper