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Forthcoming NCVER webinar: Where to with VET research?

Thursday 12 March 2.30pm - 3.30pm AEDT

Research prospectus

NCVER is taking its research program in a new direction and would like your input. To stimulate discussion, NCVER has published Research prospectus 2015-16 which outlines a specific set of research topics that address current and emerging needs in the sector. This webinar will provide an opportunity for you to find out more about NCVER's research program for 2015 and beyond and reflect on the research of the last four years.

Have your say on NCVER research by attending this free webinar. More information, including how to register, is available on the NCVER portal.

30 years ago...

  • The release of the Kirby report  by the Committee of Inquiry into Labour Market Programs made recommendations which set a new direction for labour market policy, giving greater emphasis to the needs of the individual for access to education, training and other support to deal with a variety of labour market conditions.
  • The Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission for the 1985-87 Triennium undertook a review of TAFE provision in Australia to advise on the most appropriate role for the Commonwealth in TAFE. The report, Review of TAFE funding, published a year later in 1986 documented the considerable changes which had occurred in the TAFE sector since the mid 1970s and described the progress made in broadening access and responding to community needs.
  • The Miller report,  released by the Committee of Review of Aboriginal Employment and Training Programs, examined Commonwealth government programs to determine if they were still appropriate to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and whether a more effective labour market strategy could be established to improve their employment situation. The report became a blueprint on how government training and employment programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples would be delivered.

These and other landmark reports are available on the Special collections page.

VOCEDplus Highlights

VOCEDplus Highlights is a monthly publication presenting an edited selection from the latest additions to the VOCEDplus database, in order to highlight some of the issues appearing in tertiary education research internationally.

See VOCEDplus Highlights for more information.