Access to management jobs for young men and women: apparent equality misleading

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In 2013, the share of young women employed in management positions in France three years after their entry into the labour market reached parity for the first time with that for young men. Nevertheless, their access to management jobs at the beginning of their working lives still does not match the scale of their investment in education. The process of catching up with their male counterparts by accessing management jobs in much greater numbers than previously is not keeping pace with the rise in their levels of qualification. What is the situation for the more highly qualified young...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Gender; Equity; Employment; Management; Outcomes

Keywords: Longitudinal data; Data analysis; Managers; Employment pattern; Return on education and training

Geographic subjects: France; Europe

Published: Marseille, France: CEREQ, 2017

Physical description: [4] p.

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Journal title: Training and employment

Journal number: 132

Journal date: November-December 2017

ISSN: 1156-2366

Resource type: Article

Call number: TD/TNC 132.597

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