What do labor market institutions do?

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Author: Holmlund, Bertil


The past couple of decades have seen a huge increase in research on various labor market institutions. This paper offers a brief overview and discussion of research on the labor market impacts of minimum wages (MW), unemployment insurance (UI), and employment protection legislation (EPL). It is argued that research on UI is largely a success story, involving a fruitful interplay between search theory and empirical work. This research has established that UI matters for labor market behavior, in particular the duration of unemployment, although there remains substantial uncertainty about...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Labour market; Employment; Governance; Policy; Income

Keywords: Minimum wage; Unemployment; Legal aspect; Labour market program; Labour policy

Geographic subjects: Europe

Published: Bonn, Germany: IZA, 2013

Physical description: 25 p.

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Series: IZA discussion paper; no. 7809

Resource type: Discussion paper

Call number: TD/TNC 126.859

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