Occupational change in Europe: how technology and education transform the job structure

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Author: Oesch, Daniel


What types of jobs are growing: well-paid managerial jobs or low-paid auxiliary jobs, high-end professional jobs or bottom-end service jobs? Can occupational change transform affluent countries into enlarged middle-class societies? Or, on the contrary, [is Europe] heading towards a future of increasingly divided class societies? Do changes in the employment structure allow forthcoming generations to move towards more rewarding jobs than those held by their parents - or is downward mobility the more likely outcome? This book [examines these] questions by drawing on evidence of employment...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Employment; Technology; Globalisation; Migration; Teaching and learning; Governance; Skills and knowledge

Keywords: Occupation; Occupational structure; Unemployment; Unskilled worker; Skilled worker; Low skilled worker; Education; Government role; Technological change

Geographic subjects: Europe; Denmark; Germany; Great Britain; Spain; Switzerland

Published: Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 2013

Physical description: xiii, 178 p.

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ISBN: 9780199680962

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